Congolese Dance originated in Central Africa. Incidentally the movements which constitute Congolese Dance are generally focused on the center of the body. It is in the mid-section of the body that both the digestive and reproductive organs are housed. This is probably why the movements associated with Congolese Dance or any dance that has a focus on the mid-section of the body, are healing and along with a change in diet will help combat reproductive disorders such as fibroids, ovarian cysts, irregular cycles as well as disorders of the prostate. The movements increase the flow of oxygen and blood in the body's mid-section, which aids the body in the prevention of disease.

Many modern dances we know of today have their roots in Congolese Dance. Some of the dances that have their roots from the Congo are the Lambada, Samba, Salsa, Merengue, Calypao, Reggae, Soca, Afro-Caribbean and "Belly Dancing". Congolese Dance is amoung "our" medicines, it is a dance filled with healing vibrations and pelvic rotations.


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